Artifacts From Your Former Life

Published: May 19, 2009

For me, it’s a stash of overflowing bags crammed full of papers, pens, Post-It notes, trinkets, cards received, file folders, business cards.

For Sara, one of my co-founders, it’s boxes that contain art that once hung on the walls.

Everyone leaves their office with the bits and pieces that made up their former work life – how do you keep those artifacts from your former life from languishing, merely detritus of the old you?

Sara took her art and worked it into her apartment, combining the before and now. I’ve still got the bags waiting for me to sort through and toss.

Cards of Change has another idea for purging without purging: Use your business card, a symbolic signifier of who you are, to create change in your life. [More...]

--Posted by Laura Rich,

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