5 Things We Learned From Losing Our Dream Home

Published: Oct 13, 2009

On June 30, 2009, we handed over the keys to our dream home, a beautiful house on a ridge in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles. We had lost the 10-month battle to save it and were headed into the unknown with nothing but the solace that we had at least avoided foreclosure — and more importantly, that we had each other. We finally got it. It took losing our dream home to profoundly ground us in what really matters and teach us that it’s possible to be happy in the face of any circumstance… even foreclosure.<p>Here’s what we learned along the way.<p>1. Love wins. In the battle between love and money, love definitely wins. I know this for fact. <b> [Read more]</b> <p> <i><b>--Posted by Stephanie Walker, RecessionWire.com</b></i> <p> The Recession Will End… When We All Say So <br>Recession Briefing 10.13: When Prison is Better Than the Job Market <br>Screwed: 800 at Clariant <br>