Job Search Tips For A Market Uptick

Published: Jul 06, 2010

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I feel a market uptick. As a former recruiter, I still am involved inrecruiter networks, and my colleagues are busy. Most telling of all,companies are looking for recruiters, indicating a commitment to hiringon an ongoing basis. So if you have been unemployed and discouragedabout your search, or if you&rsquo;re employed and have been scared to make amove, dust off your job search game face and be prepared to get on themarket. Here are 3 strategies specific to job search when the marketis just starting to turn upward:<p><h4>Have a story for the downturn</h4><p>Be able to talk about what you did if you were unemployed oremployed but underutilized. Focus on achievements and measurableresults, rather than whether the work was temporary or pro bono. Focuson being upbeat and positive about where you worked, even if thedownturn forced you to take on 3 people&rsquo;s jobs. The way you frame thepast negative and difficult times will reflect how you handle adversityand come out on top (or not).</p><p><h4>Be clear about where you go from here</h4><p>The early market uptick favors people who can tap into the hidden jobmarket, where employers are just deciding on new jobs but may not havethe bandwidth to post them or launch a broad search. If you can belaser focused on what companies and departments you are targeting, youstand a better chance of networking your way into these companies andaccessing those early jobs. </p><p><h4>Help others help you</h4><p>Your friends and family may hear about these hidden jobs, but will theyknow what you are looking for? And even if they do, will they know howto talk about your skills and experience in a way that positions youcorrectly for these jobs? If not, or if you&rsquo;re not sure, then it&rsquo;stime to remind your network about who you are and what you want. Remember to not assume that people are out looking for jobs for you. See my last CNBC post about When Is It Okay To Ask For A Job Lead! Butdefinitely help those people who you&rsquo;re sure would help you, be awareof what you&rsquo;re looking for, how to talk about you, and how to behelpful.</p><p><i><b>--Posted by Caroline Ceniza-Levine</b></i><b></b></p>