7 Great Sites for Case Questions and Interview Tips

Published: Nov 21, 2011

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Back when I was trying to land a job, I spent hours scouring for all of the case interview questions that I could get my hands on. To help you prepare for interviews, I wanted to pass along a few resources that may come in handy.

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1) Market Sizing Question in Three Steps
From Simply the Case

2) Management Consulting Interviews: 10 Key Preparation Tips
From Management Consulted

3) Sample Management Consulting Case Interviews

From Consulting Case 101

4) Interview Preparation Tips and Three Sample Cases
From L.E.K. Consulting

5) 30 Employment Interview Questions & Answers
From the AMCF’s Consulting Career Connection

6) Five Tips for Acing the Consulting Case Interview
From the Vault

7) Five More Tips for Acing the Consulting Case Interview
From the Vault

Let me know what other sites you’ve found to help you shine during the interview process. I look forward to hearing from you.

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