Dick Fuld Named Worst CEO Ever

Published: Apr 23, 2009

Poor Dickie Fuld. In addition to presiding over the largest bankruptcy in the history of the world, the ex-Lehman Brothers chief now holds the title of the "Worst CEO Ever" (according to <i>Portfolio</i> magazine's rankings). <p>Other big banking dogs on the list include ex-Bear Stearns chief "Toke It Up" Jimmy Cayne (No.4), ex-AIG man with the (bad) plan Marty "The Severance Package" Sullivan (No. 15), former Merrill Lynch CEO Stan "Definitely Not The Man" O'Neal (No. 18), and current (but perhaps not for much longer) Citi head honcho Vikram "The One Dolla" Pandit (No. 20).</p>

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