Another Insider Trader Bites the Dust

Published: Apr 13, 2011


And another one gone/And another one gone/Another insider trader in cuffs/Hey, the SEC's gonna get you too/Another insider trader in cuffs ...

Instead of reporting on the latest white-collar criminal taken down in the SEC's insider trading sting (except telling you that his name is Joseph F. Skowron and he worked for a hedge fund called FrontPoint Partners) I'm gonna step aside and allow Freddy Mercury to speak (that is, sing) for me. Why? Why not. Plus, I've had it up to my blue collar with all these crooked crooks (I am actually wearing a blue collar today). Anyway, let's here from the killer crooner. And if you're not Queen fan, do not fear: tomorrow we'll resume our normal insider trading scandal coverage.



(DealBook: Former FrontPoint Manager Charged With Insider Trading)

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