Net Impact Conference & Career Expo: More Than 75 Fortune 1000 Companies Attending

Published: Nov 04, 2009


Are you trying to decide if green/sustainability might be the next career path for you? Are you out of a job and know that it will be a while before the times of having multiple job offers to decide from will return? If your answer to even one of these questions is yes, then next week's Net Impact Conference should be on your calendar as a must-attend.

Organized by Net Impact, an international nonprofit that joins over 15,000 leaders across industries and countries, and managed by volunteers, this two-day conference (Advancing Sustainable Global Enterprise: Changemakers, Innovators and Problem Solvers) will bring together corporate and government leaders in sustainability, entrepreneurs and CSR practitioners in discussions, workshops and informal sessions to discuss a multi-forked agenda of development amidst a "jobless" economy. For professionals contemplating a career change, a new job, jobseekers and students, there promise to be many reasons for attendance: To connect with experts, hear from them directly if there is indeed job growth in the sustainability field, how these opportunities are supposed to continue to grow in the current economic uncertainty and also to network.

The highlight of the event, especially if you are new to the field and keen on knowing where sustainability is headed and more specifically, where the jobs are/will be, is the Career Expo scheduled for the first day (November 13th). With over 75 Fortune 1000 companies, nonprofits, government agencies and universities registered, there is bound to be ample ground to cover for jobseekers and interested students.

So, in a nutshell, here are the details:

Where: Ithaca, New York (The Johnson School, Cornell University)

When: November 13-14, 2009

Registration: $450 for professionals, $360 for students

Key sessions include:

- Investing
- Professional Development
- Social Innovation

Keynote speakers include:

- Jeffrey Immelt, CEO, GE
- Unmesh Brahme, SVP, Corporate Sustainability, HSBC
- John Brock, Chairman & CEO, Coca Cola Enterprises
- Patty Calkins, Global VP, Environment, Health and Safety, Xerox
- Richard Lechner, VP, Energy & Environment, IBM
- Sheree Petrone, VP, Exelon Energy

Some of the registered companies scheduled to attend the Career Expo include:

- Accenture
- Campbell Soup
- Coca-Cola Enterprises
- Deloitte
- ExxonMobil
- Gap
- GE
- Intel
- Johnson & Johnson
- Liberty Mutual
- Nestle
- PG&E
- Sodexo
- Walt Disney
- Wal-mart

To read up on the latest developments at these employers, how they are faring today and what employees have to say about their employer's business outlook, and why one of them could be your employer of choice, visit Vault's Companies section.