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A Day in the Life: Fashion Inventory Planning

Published: Aug 01, 2020

Topics: Day in the Life  

9:00 AM: Arrive to work and look over notes from a meeting on the previous day. ("It isn't surprising that planners sit in on a lot of meetings.")

9:30 AM: Work with buyers on fashion forecasts and changes to the company's budget. ("You will work very closely with buyers. For example, if they need more money for a project, you will rearrange the budget.")

12:30 PM: Break for lunch. Take a short walk.

1:15 PM: Meet with the VP of Merchandising to do analysis on a recent line.

3:00 PM: Attend a company-wide meeting on the company's status and direction. ("There can be a meeting every hour at this company. That's not unusual. Fortunately, with so many projects in the works, your days are always different.")

4:00 PM: Speak with a designer about color preferences. ("The more experience you have, the more diversity you have in your tasks. Diversity in experience adds to your potential -- changes the interview questions from that of 'what can you do' to 'what do you want to do.'")

5:00 PM: Make changes to a budget plan -- this involves some number grinding. Check the number with the buyers again.

6:00 PM: Run out to grab a sandwich and some caffeine. Notice what people are wearing on the street. ("You can learn about new and upcoming trends by observing fashionable people.")

6:30 PM: Show budget to the marketing department. ("Marketing is an up-and-coming field. Whereas it used to be done by agencies, there's a general move toward in-house marketing now. Everyone wants their name to be seen.")

7:00 PM: Leave for the day.


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