Consulting CV

Published: Mar 31, 2009

New graduates and people with minimal experience should resist the temptation to inflate their humble CV with filler. A simple career summary at the top of a CV could pay dividends in the consulting industry. It might be just a few sentences explaining your strengths, or the names of past employers and the dates you worked for them. There is room for extension in the body of the CV, but dont expand too much. As a rule, CVs shouldnt go over two sides, but in IT or corporate consulting you can include a more technical addendum, describing exactly what you have done. In procedural matters, detail can be critical, so use your judgment.<p><font size="4"><p align="CENTER"><b>Joe Williams </b></font><br>29 TOWER BRIDGE ROAD, LONDON, ABC 123<b></b><br>Telephone: +44 (0)7000 000000<br>E-mail:<p><b>QUALIFICATIONS</b><br><b>Education:</b>MA, History, Great University (2005)<br>BSc, Mathematics and Statistics, University of Prestige (2002) 2.1<p><b>Memberships:</b><br>Chartered IT Practitioner<br>Fellow, Institute of Management Consultants<p><b>OVERVIEW</b><br><b>Specialisations:</b><br> <li>Defining customer requirements for computer systems<li>Selecting computer systems and suppliers<li>Managing software development and implementation projects<li>Testing computer software<p><b>EMPLOYMENT SUMMARY</b><br><b>2007:</b>Independent IT consultant (Director, BusinesSolutions Ltd)<p><b>2003 - 2006:</b><br>KPMG (IT Management Consultant)<p><b>2002 - 2003:</b><br>JCR International (Software developer/designer)<p><b>EXPERIENCE</b><br>My career has included working in a leading software development house and an independent IT consulting firm.<p>I am experienced in many computer technologies and business sectors through having worked on IT projects for both corporations and in the public sector. My strengths are in defining system requirements, selecting suppliers and managing the relationship between customer and supplier during project implementation. My project management experience is founded upon a strong technical background in software design and development, software testing and implementation.<p><b>COMPUTER SYSTEMS EXPERIENCE</b><br>Accounting, customer billing, distribution, document management, economic statistics, education, financial sector, internet content management, internet transacting, inventory</li></li></li></li>