How to Handle an Awkward Moment During an MBA Interview

Published: Nov 22, 2010

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 With the release of first-round interview invitations and the subsequent increase in pressure on MBA candidates, we are presenting a five-part series with our friends at mbaMission to help applicants decompress and thoughtfully manage the MBA interview process. In this third entry, mbaMission founder Jeremy Shinewald explains what you should do if you find yourself “stumped” by a question your interviewer asks.


Managing the MBA Interview Part 3: What If I Am Stumped?

In our first entry in this series, we were very clear that admissions interviewers are not seeking to stump you. Still, regardless of the interviewer’s approach, many business school applicants still worry that, during their interview, they may be asked a single challenging question — and a fair one at that! — which leaves them awkwardly silent and that such a moment will be the symbolic end to their candidacy at the target school. READ MORE


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