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Say Hello to Firsthand Virtual Career Fairs

We’re proud to add Virtual Career Fairs to Firsthand's all-in-one Pay it Forward Platform. Learn how to give your community a leg up in the current job market here.

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Introducing a Better Path Forward

You can call it an engagement platform, but really it’s about delivering on the promise of higher education to give everyone a brighter future.

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7 Lessons for Alumni Software from the Failed Iowa Voting App

Software is eating the world. As Iowa's failed election app shows, that can sometimes be terrifying.

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Do students really want to be mentored?

I was at a conference for career services professionals when one of the presenters, a career office director, nearly had me choke on my coffee.

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Creating New Connections

Tameka Edwards ’16 earned her Bachelor of Arts from the University at Albany and went on to receive a master’s degree in communications from her alma mater in 2018.

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