We’re excited to launch a new feature that will help connect more students and alumni than ever before. Starting next week, whenever you request a consultation with an advisor, you’ll be given the option to send that request to other similar advisors as well. This will enable you to fill your request faster, garner multiple perspectives, and meet great new advisors.

Our new multiple request feature leverages what we know about your request and the advisor you’re requesting to find and rank advisors with similar skill-sets. Those who fit the bill get pinged and offered the time slots your primary advisor (i.e., the one you initially requested) couldn’t accept. That way, a single request can turn into three potential consultations, each with a different advisor, if all three of your proposed times get taken.

The way it works is simple. You request a consultation with an advisor like you normally would. Once you’ve submitted your request however, we now ask you whether you’d be open to sending your request to more people. It’s optional. If your primary advisor is your one and only love, simply click “No thanks” or ignore this message. Your original request stays active. But if you’re open to more help, you can to modify the text in your request for wider consumption, then simply click “Submit to more advisors!” and hey presto you’ve opened yourself to multiple well-matched suitors to fill your time slots. We give your primary advisor first dibs on your time slots however. For the first couple of hours, only the primary advisor can see your request. After that, we offer your time slots to the other advisors. 

If you have questions about this release, please post them below or email your Customer Success Rep.