Transferring Schools and Making Connections

April 14, 2017

Stephanie Bucklin

After Amber King (’18) transferred to the University of Delaware in 2016, she planned to pursue a new major and a new career: finance. Amber began studying in the University of Delaware’s finance and business development department, but was still looking for guidance on how she could leverage her new studies into a job after college. That’s when she found the UD Career Advising Network.

“I wanted to see exactly what I wanted to do,” Amber explains. Once on the platform, she set up a career conversation with Steve Dempsey (’90), an advisor who is a partner at a small private equity firm. Steve has extensive experience in banking and finance, and told Amber how to gain exposure to finance-related opportunities both on and off campus. Those recommendations included extracurricular clubs and classes she should take— as a matter of fact, Amber is now considering a minor in Accounting based on Steve’s advice.

Moreover, Amber now feels reassured that she’s at the right university, and that her move—supported by advisors like Steve—will bring her success in her new career goals.

For Steve, giving back via the UD Career Advising Network allows him to connect with the community and show students the range of career opportunities available to them. He emphasizes that the transition from college to career is an essential one, and shouldn’t be underestimated.

“The more you can network with people who are older than you, the better prepared you are to start working in an office environment,” Steve explained. “The adjustment for a lot of people when they come out of school is to realize that they’re going to be communicating with people who are in different stages of life. These are either colleagues, or customers, or suppliers—and the more you have exposure to communicating with people who aren’t in your peer group, the better your transition is going to be.”

Amber’s conversation with Steve helped convince her that her move was the right one—and prepared her for her next big transition.

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