Brotherhood Bond Leads to a Consulting Career Path

January 12, 2017

Stephanie Bucklin

When Ankit Prasad, a senior at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), entered his five-year, dual degree program, he knew that he would have two semesters free to explore career options and get crucial professional experience. Juggling economics and engineering courses, Ankit was particularly interested in consulting—but had no prior experience or contacts in the industry.

“You can only learn so much at school.”

Ankit knew that networking was key. “You can only learn so much at school,” he said, citing the importance of getting the perspective of professionals who work in the field he was interested in. Ankit, who was a Founding Father of the Theta Chi chapter at RIT, decided to leverage his Theta Chi’s Alumni Mentor Network in order to gain this crucial perspective.  After receiving an email about the platform, Ankit reached out to advisor Jason Houghton, a Theta Chi member who graduated from NC State in 2008 and received his MBA from UNC Chapel Hill in 2014 while simultaneously serving in the US Navy.

Jason, now a Senior Consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton, was happy to help—and was more than impressed with Ankit’s initiative. “I got the impression that the people that are using this [platform], at least in the small sample I talked to, are the people that are planning ahead, really engaged, that are going to be just fine,” Jason said, adding that Ankit seemed prepared and asked the right kinds of questions on their call.

“…the good, the bad, and the ugly.”

But was consulting the right fit? Ankit and Jason discussed the pros and cons of commercial and federal consulting, and also the industry itself. Jason’s goal was to help Ankit understand not only the different types of consulting, but whether the lifestyle was right for him. He tried, he said, to give Ankit “the good, the bad, and the ugly.”

For Ankit, this was key. He left the conversation with a stronger sense of what he wanted to do when he graduates in 2017.

And that includes giving back. One of the reasons Ankit chose Theta Chi when looking at which fraternity chapter to open was because of the fraternity’s emphasis on extending a helping hand. Just as the fraternity gave Ankit a channel through which to give back to the local community, the alumni platform gave Jason a channel to connect with Theta Chi brothers, further embodying one of the fraternity’s guiding missions.

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