We’re excited to be rolling out a big update to our Career Advisor Platform (CAP). Starting next week, CAP clients and advisees will see a lot more of our most experienced advisors on their platforms. Here’s why and what’s changing.

A Good Problem to Have

When we launched the Career Advisor Platform (CAP) last year, we had no idea that the concept of unlimited consultations with our Global Advisors would be so appealing. The CAP was so popular that some advisors were getting more requests than they could handle from students, young alumni, and other job seekers. As a result, some of these advisors raised their fees so that we could no longer afford to include them among the 5,000+ advisors from Evisors.com available on our CAPs. Too much engagement. It’s what product developers call “a good problem to have.”

A good problem to have is like deciding which of two job offers to take. It’s not a problem worth fussing over until you actually have two job offers. As a lean startup, we built the CAP as a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to test the hypothesis: Would clients want (and would advisees use) a version of our Alumni Mentoring Platform (AMP) populated by advisors from Evisors.com instead of their own alumni? Building an MVP means building the minimum set of features necessary to test your hypothesis. With our hypothesis now solidly proven, it’s time to expand the feature set and truly unlock the potential of the CAP.

The Solution: More Transparency and Opportunity for Advisors

Seeing a few popular advisors price themselves out of the CAPs, some clients asked us if we could make side deals with these advisors to keep them on. With our new pricing opt-ins, this is precisely what we have done, except we’ve now given every advisor a side deal. 

Take a closer look at our new pricing opt-ins page for advisors and you’ll see we’re making experienced advisors more available on CAPs in three ways.

First, advisors can now opt into as many free CAP consultations per month as they like by entering any number next to “other schools for free.” Previously, advisors could only do their first ever CAP consultation for free.

Second, we’ve lowered the Basic and Premium CAP cutoffs from $50 and $100 per hour to $20 and $40 per hour. Clients with Basic CAPs will see all advisors opting into free and $20/hr consultations, while clients with Premium CAPs will see the same advisors plus those solely opting into $40/hr. Because we will continue to allocate half of what CAP clients pay us towards paying advisors, this means CAP clients will get 2.5x as many “paid” consultations for their money!

Third, we’ve added limits that refresh every month. If an advisor gets too many requests one month (i.e., exceeds their limit), they will reappear on the first of the next month with a new quota of consultations slots. Advisees can even have us email them when a popular advisor becomes available again.

The Bottom Line: 2.5x More Experienced Advisors

We’ve already had our most popular advisors opt into the new rates, so expect to see some popular advisors reappear on your CAP. Thousands of advisors will remain on the CAPs as before because their old rates still fall below the CAP cutoffs. A few less active advisors will disappear from the CAPs because their old rates exceed the new cutoffs, but we expect the majority of them to return as they complete the new opt-in form. In other words, if you’re a CAP client or user, your access to experienced advisors just got a whole lot better.

If you have any questions, please post them below or email your Customer Success Rep.