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Companies rely on search engine optimization (SEO) specialists to help ensure that their Web sites rank high in search results. Search engine optimization specialists identify and implement search engine keywords, tags, social media profiles, or site maps, as well as use HTML coding to improve the company’s ranking. They work with Internet consultants, content writers, developers, and designers to improve the ranking of their company’s site or sites. SEO specialists are also known as search engine marketers and search m...

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According to PayScale, digital marketing specialists earned average annual salaries of $50,070 in October 2020. Salaries ranged anywhere from $37,000 to $68,000 or more. In September 2020, digital marketing managers earned average annual salaries of $102,932, according to The lowest 10 percent earned $75,283 or less, while the top 10 percent earned $148,765 or more.

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SEO specialists employed by companies and organizations work a normal 40-hour week, though they may have to work overtime on weekdays or weekends to complete projects. Hours vary for SEO specialists who work as consultants. They are determined by the number of clients they serve or the scope of the project at hand.

SEO specialists spend a great deal of time working at their computer, eit...


Search marketing is a very lucrative industry. The field is expected to continue to grow as companies seek to gain an extra edge by improving the search rankings of their Web sites. Changes to search engine algorithms will also motivate companies to invest in SEO in order to adapt and maintain good search results. The growth of mobile Internet technologies is also creating demand for search mar...

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