Regulatory Affairs Specialists


Regulatory Affairs Specialists


Regulatory affairs specialists coordinate and document the regulatory processes for companies. These processes may include internal audits, inspections, and license renewals and registrations. Specialists gather and review data and prepare reports for regulatory submissions for domestic and international projects. They stay up to date on current and emerging regulations, standards, and guidance documents. The job requires strong knowledge of laws and government regulations and also strong technology and organizational skills. There ...

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Regulatory affairs specialists with up to two years of experience earned a median salary of $61,139 in August 2020, as reported by Salaries ranged from $46,221 or less to $75,795 or more. Compliance officers earned a median salary of $72,850 in May 2019, according to the Department of Labor. The lowest 10 percent earned $38,920 or less and the top 10 percent earned $109,950 or more....

Work Environment

Regulatory affairs specialists usually work in offices, with some travel required for meetings and conferences. They may travel to manufacturing plants or labs to gather information. Specialists typically work 40 hours per week and may work longer hours to meet deadlines for report submissions. The job can be stressful at times, particularly when time is tight to meet deadlines. Specialists may...


Employment growth is expected to be good for regulatory affairs specialists in the coming years. Those with prior experience and training in areas such as business, engineering, marketing, pharmacy, or science will be in demand. Regulatory affairs specialists will be needed to help ensure companies' operations and products are in compliance with governmental and industry regulations and laws. T...

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