Professional Organizers


Professional Organizers


Professional organizers are individuals who use their talent and skills to declutter and rearrange spaces, rooms, homes or offices for clients, creating organization out of chaos and clutter. In performing their job, they sort through items, documents, photographs, collections, memorabilia, and similar belongings, either working on their own or side-by-side with a client. They create systems and environments which are tidy, organized, clutter-free, and functional. The resulting spaces allow their occupants more productivity, efficiency, and ...

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High School Diploma



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Business Management


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The BLS does not have a specific classification for professional organizers. As a vast majority of professional organizers are self-employed, setting their own rates, working hours, and so on, their earnings are not standard. How much they make depends on their hourly rates charged, the number of hours worked, and how many clients they have.

Rates for professional organizers start around...

Work Environment

Professional organizers work primarily with their clients in residential or office settings. An organizer typically travels to the client’s residence or workplace, incurring a substantial amount of travel time. Individuals who are assisting others in creating more organized, efficient spaces will need to shop for organizational solutions such as filing cabinets, shelving and storage systems, co...


The field of professional organizing is still relatively young, and the outlook for future opportunities appears good. As more people lead increasingly busy lives enabled by technology, they may turn to professionals to help bring order to their homes, businesses, and schedules. Continued media focus on organizing may drive increased opportunities for professional organizers. The field is most ...

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