Military Recruiters


Employment Prospects


More than 1.3 million active duty personnel served in the armed forces as of June 2019, with 468,783 in the Army; 330,949 in the Navy; 327,039 in the Air Force; 186,814 in the Marine Corps; and 41,250 in the Coast Guard.

Starting Out

Work as a military recruiter is not typically an entry-level job. Most recruiters enter the field after serving in the military for at least a few years.

Advancement Prospects

Most recruiters only stay in the field for a few years before moving on to positions in personnel or administration in the military or in private industry. Recruiters who decide to make a career of military recruiting may advance to supervise one or more recruiting offices or be assigned to senior management positions.

Tips for Entry

Visit to learn how to join the military.

Read Futures Magazine ( to learn more about the military.

Visit links to a variety of military publications.

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