Manufacturing Production Technicians


Manufacturing Production Technicians


Manufacturing production technicians set up, monitor, maintain, test, and repair manufacturing machinery and equipment to ensure its proper operation in various industries. They may use a combination of electrical, electronic, mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, and computer technologies in their work. Other titles for manufacturing production technicians may be engineering technicians, quality assurance technicians, or service technicians, to name just a few. There are approximately 83,360 engineering technicians (except dra...

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Manufacturing technicians earned a median salary of $36,426 in January 2020, according to Salaries ranged from $26,669 to $49,961 or more. Engineering technicians, except drafters, averaged $63,220 per year in May 2018. The lowest 10 percent earned $36,120 or less and the top 10 percent earned $98,720 or more. Apprentices and entry-level technicians generally earn lower wages and ea...

Work Environment

Manufacturing production technicians work in manufacturing plants, which may be hot, noisy, and dirty or relatively quiet and clean, and with equipment that may be greasy or dirty. They must be able to adapt to a variety of physical conditions. Some machinery may not be accessible, so technicians may have to work on ladders or in stooped, cramped positions. They follow safety procedures and wea...


The U.S. Department of Labor predicts that employment for engineering technicians, except drafters, will grow aslower than the average for all careers through 2028. Industrial engineering technicians will have little or no change in employment in the coming years. The limited employment growth is attributed to many manufacturing industries streamlining their operations to increase efficiency wh...

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