Logistics Engineers


Logistics Engineers


Logistics engineers review and design logistics operations to improve companies' operational efficiency and reduce costs. They may help companies in areas such as transportation, shipment, inventory control, or information management. They work closely with other engineers, logistics analysts, and production managers. They make recommendations to improve the efficiency of the workflow and quality of the products while reducing production costs. The Department of Labor reports that there were 174,900 logisticians employed in the Unit...

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Bachelor's Degree



Three to four years experience in logistics, industrial engineeri



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The average annual salary for logistics engineers in December 2019 was $69,267, according to PayScale.com. Salaries ranged from $53,000 to $94,000 or more. The Department of Labor reported that in May 2018, the average annual salary for logisticians was $74,600, with the lowest 10 percent earning $44,440 and the highest 10 percent earning $119,950 or more. Those who worked for management, scien...

Work Environment

Logistics engineers work in offices in many industries. Some work in the logistical departments of companies, others work in companies that provide logistics services, such as companies that handle freight shipping. Part of their work day is spent on the computer, reviewing and analyzing data, tracking schedules and inventory sheets, and creating spreadsheets, reports, presentations, and other ...


The logistics and transportation industry is an important element of the U.S. economy. The Department of Commerce reported that it represents at least 8 percent of the annual gross domestic product and totaled nearly $1.6 trillion in 2018 (the most recent data available). As a result, logistics engineers can expect good job opportunities in the coming years. According to the Department of Labor...

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