Hedge Fund Lawyers


Hedge Fund Lawyers


Hedge fund lawyers provide a variety of legal services to hedge funds—ranging from assistance with fund formation and intellectual property, to regulatory compliance and securities regulation, tax and real estate issues, and litigation and dispute resolution. They work directly for hedge funds, as well as for the hedge fund practices of law firms. Others work for fund investors (e.g., endowment funds, high-wealth individuals, pension plans, and family trusts).

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Internship in alternative assets highly recommended for entry-lev





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In 2020, in-house corporate lawyers with zero to three years of experience earned salaries that ranged from $67,750 to $176,500 (depending on the size of their employer), according to national staffing firm Robert Half Legal’s 2020 Salary Guide for the Legal Field. Corporate in-house general counsels earned salaries that ranged from $137,250 to $315,750. Attorneys with 10 or more years...

Work Environment

The work environment for hedge fund lawyers varies depending on their given task. If a lawyer is involved in litigation, for example, he or she will frequently travel to legal proceedings. If the attorney is tasked with writing or reviewing operating agreements, limited partnership agreements, and other documents, he or she will probably be ensconced in a quiet office. At other times, lawyer me...


Employment for lawyers who work for firms that deal with funds, trusts, and other financial vehicles is expected to grow by 48.5 percent through 2028, according to the Occupational Outlook Handbook. An increasing number of hedge funds are hiring full-time staff (rather than contract workers) to provide legal guidance regarding regulatory compliance and other issues. “The hedge fund tre...