They say most jobs come through networking, but when two thousand miles of ocean separates you and where you’d like to work, networking requires some hustle. It’s something students at Brigham Young University-Hawaii seeking jobs on the “mainland” know all too well. But with an offer in hand to interview at Goldman Sachs, class of ’16 graduate Aditya Mongan has learned that those who dare win.

As a senior interested in business and technology, one of Aditya’s professors suggested he use BYU-Hawaii’s MentorConnect platform to meet alumni who worked in those fields. Aditya had his first conversation with Josh Pugmire (’12) a Security Engagement Specialist at Adobe. With a visit to Adobe’s campus in Lehi, Utah planned later in the year, talking to Josh would let Aditya show up prepared.

“I wanted to get a background on the company and the culture.”

“I wanted to get a background on the company and the culture,” says Aditya about his conversation with Josh. “It was a great success, and good to see what a job is like outside of school.”

Understanding a company’s background and culture, were a great first step, but as Aditya spoke with more alumni, he understood that getting his foot in the door in more competitive fields like finance required practical guidance on how to craft a proper resume and job application.

Luckily Walmart Financial Planner, Weston Teshima (’13) and former Goldman Sachs Analyst, Young Kim (’14) were happy to share their experience through MentorConnect. “These are the people who helped me the most with my resume. They gave me a lot of insight,” says Aditya.

Armed with a reworked, targeted resume and an insider’s perspective, Aditya managed to land a coveted job interview at Goldman Sachs’ Salt Lake City, Utah offices.

I think that’s one thing that set me apart.

“I think that’s one thing that set me apart,” says Aditya reflecting on his resume critiques and career conversations with alumni on MentorConnect.

While Aditya is happy that alumni networking gave him a foot in the door at Goldman Sachs, it also came with an unexpected bonus. “We didn’t just talk about jobs,” he says, “we talked about life.” One of the alums offered to catch up with Aditya the next time he was in Utah, so that the two could connect as friends.

Although Aditya is a freshly minted BYU-Hawaii alumnus, he already knows he wants to give back to the school through MentorConnect. “I was helped by alumni,” he says, “so why not give back to students? As soon as I get a job, I’m going to sign up as a mentor.”

About BYU-Hawaii’s MentorConnect
Aditya is just one of many students learning from alumni and exploring career paths through BYU-Hawaii’s MentorConnect, powered by Firsthand.