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How To Apply

Find openings and apply directly on the company career page: https://www.uscellular.jobs/.  Talent Acquisition team members will review your information and reach out accordingly. Interviews begin soon after positions are posted online. The company tries to extend internship offers before the end of December, but some are made through early spring.


Number Of Interns

21 to 50


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6 to 12 weeks

About the Program

About the Company

Intern Reviews

  • “The culture was incredible. Everyone is very understanding. It is a culture of constantly appreciating and building one another up.”
  • “Great work/life balance with leaders and other associates that value their personal time with families and leisure but also work hard and are dedicated to their work. Worked 40 hours a week and logged off early on Fridays during the summer.”
  • “USCC's Dynamic Organization culture is evident through every employee that I have crossed paths with, no matter what level of the organization that they are at. They want me to succeed in both my personal and professional lives and have helped me tremendously in finding that alignment.”
  • “The company had a great work-life balance and was understanding when I sometimes would have to move hours around to attend to personal things in my life. The company culture is unparalleled and I would definitely consider working here full time.”

Why Intern Here

Getting Hired Here


  • “Interview was great because I was not grilled on behavioral questions or my skills, but my interviewers instead focused on the culture fit since I can always learn technical skills later. I felt like I was seen as a person instead of just another candidate.”
  • “The recruiter I worked with was very kind and connected me with multiple teams to make sure I found a good spot within the company with my skill set.”
  • “Fifteen-minute screener with recruiter, 30-minute meeting with team leader. My recruiter responded promptly to my application and emails. The interview process was efficient and lasted about 1 week from initial contact to the final interview. USCC was respectful of my time as an applicant and clearly outlined the next steps of the process.”
  • “I liked the hiring process, my recruiter was really helpful and communicative and everything moved along really quickly in my experience. I had one interview with my manager and two other members of the team, and was focused mostly on relevant experiences and going over the skills that would be required in this role (Python, SQL, etc.). I felt very comfortable throughout the whole process and everyone was very friendly.”