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  • “I have found the culture at McMaster to be conducive to growth, and the people are amazing. Everyone gives their best effort in the work, and I have always found people to be more than willing to offer assistance and/or expertise. I felt welcomed immediately.”
  • “Work/life balance seems to be stressed at this company—rarely do people work more than eight hours a day, and programs are in place to protect the bodies of people doing manual labor so that their jobs don't impede the rest of their lives, even if they're at the lowest level of a ‘hierarchy’ in the company. In reality, the firm hierarchy is pretty flat in terms of how people interact, and everyone seems to care about the wellbeing of everyone else (even outside of a work context).”
  • “There is little work to do outside of office hours. It is strictly 40 hours per week for me. The employees in the office have all been kind and supportive. They reach out to offer help or to build social relationships.”
  • “Interns are expected to follow a schedule that closely resembles their management team; for me, it's 7:30–4:15. McMaster-Carr prides itself on a company culture that takes care of its employees, and this is shown through the initiatives in place to foster inclusion within. There is a very obvious work/life balance that pretty much everyone respects and adheres to; once you're off the clock, you're not expected to log back in for any last-minute work.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “The hiring process for a McMaster-Carr internship was a smooth process for me. I filled out a very succinct application and heard back from a recruiter by the end of that same day. I completed a phone screening, informational interview with an employee, and then did three rounds of interviews in the same day. All of this was done with real people; no video interviews between yourself and some prompts.”
  • “Interviews were appropriately engaging. Questions weren't incredibly difficult, but the interviewer would follow up on your answers to create genuine conversation surrounding your experience and style of thinking.”
  • “There was a day with about 3–4 hours of interviews consecutively, so it was intimidating, but all of the interviewers were friendly and outgoing.”
  • “Interviewers were respectful of my time. Interviews asked challenging but reasonable questions to find great candidates for the internship.”