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Number Of Interns

51 to 100






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Academic Level

College Juniors


International Students Eligible



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Intern Reviews

  • "My internship at Discovery was the best I've had in terms of quality of life. Everyone was so understanding of intern schedules, encouraging us to be communicative about our schedules and never overworking us as we are all students. Additionally, everyone was so receptive to feedback and loved to offer advice to us young professionals. Every employee I have reached out to for help has been so gracious and helpful. I have never been at a company that wants their interns to succeed so much--regardless of whether or not we decide to work for Discovery eventually, they truly only want success in our professional careers."
  • "I was given a rigorous schedule and project list that matched the members of my team, but I still felt like I had time to define a healthy work/life balance. There were so many wellness initiatives in place to counter long, draining workdays and I felt like everyone at the company or on my team made a point to prioritize their wellbeing."
  • "The culture was amazing, as I always felt incredibly supported and comfortable. I was valued as if I was a full time, experienced employee and I was always given the utmost respect and value. I also had the freedom to talk to anyone I wanted, and everyone made me feel like I belonged. I worked over 20+ per week because of my own interest, and was always given flexibility on my schedule and was told to only commit to what I can handle. My school was always prioritized and I was told to never give up school or other commitments. There was a very healthy communication and relationship between my manager and I. My manager also would spend a lot of time one on one to mentor me and support me through whatever I was working on."
  • "Every one of my coworkers were incredibly helpful and nice to me. They were all very communicative and I enjoyed my experience. I could see how this could be even better in person, but the fact that it is virtual helped me make more time for my summer."

Getting Hired Here

  • "I thought it was very elaborate yet efficient. We used the HireVue services to conduct first round of interviews, then if you move on you will go to interviews with the hiring manager."
  • "I felt that the hiring process for my company was extremely competitive and that they asked meaningful questions in the interview process to ensure they selected the brightest, most talented interns. The process was all done remotely, with the first step being a general recorded video where the candidate answers a series a questions and submits and then an interview with the team interested in bringing me on as an intern. I was offered the internship within a week of my interview with the team!"
  • "I think the application process was a fair length for a company of this size. They gave me plenty of opportunities to demonstrate my experience and skills without over-encumbering me. I had an initial HireVue interview, which served as a way to introduce myself since the company does not require cover letters. After this interview, a few weeks later, I was contacted by my current manager for a one-on-one interview. This interview was mostly to get to know me, tell me about the position, and to tell me about next steps. After this interview, I had to make a short sample technical writing piece based on a prompt. After I submitted this, I had a short interview with the team I would be working on. It seems by the time of this 'interview' they had already made up their mind. I heard about getting the job a day later."
  • "The interviewers were my hiring managers and were incredibly kind and welcoming, while also challenging me and asking me questions that kept me on my toes. Their process seemed selective, as i learned there were many strong candidates that applied."