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How To Apply

Find the position on Comcast on Campus or your schools career site. Apply by submitting your resume and most up to date transcript. For any questions, please contact: Comcast_OnCampus@cable.comcast.com.


Number Of Interns

101 or more


Featured Rankings

Best Tech & Engineering Internships



6 to 12 weeks





Academic Level

College Freshmen

About the Program

The Comcast Engineering and Technology Internship Program is a summer program based at various Comcast locations throughout the greater US. The program is designed to identify high-caliber talent to build our organization with the best and the brightest students who come from a variety of sourcing channels, including on-campus career fairs, partner organizations, and direct applications. As an intern in the program, you would expect to work a 40 hour/week schedule over the course of 11 weeks ...

About the Company

Founded in 1963 as American Cable Systems, and headquartered in Philadelphia, PA, Comcast Corporation is one of the top three leading broadcasting and cable television companies in the world by revenue, and includes such large entertainment/broadcasting companies as NBCUniversal (including its theme parks), Xfinity, and Sky UK among its many divisions. In the U.S., Comcast is the largest pay-TV and cable TV company, as well as the largest home internet provider, and the nation’s third-largest...

Intern Reviews

  • "The work culture at Comcast is exceptional. It can be described as very friendly and warm. It is a very fast paced environment, but the people are very understanding of the fact that I am an intern and may need time to adjust to this sort of environment."
  • "My internship was very flexible and not overly stressful. Everyone at my company was extremely nice and supportive of me. I was never expected to work long hours, and everyone was just happy to see me learning and showing up to work everyday."
  • "Corporate culture is amazing - you can request time on other people's calendars and most of the time they will agree to meet with you. Comcast treats its employees well and work life balance is pretty good."
  • "Very welcoming and kind culture. Laid back and strong management. Expected to work 40 hours but occasionally given shortened hours on Friday, never asked to work overtime. Work/life balance was a priority."

Getting Hired Here

  • "The interview went as expected and was very formal. It was not as difficult as I would have thought, however, I did have to prepare before hand before coming in. I do not know how selective the process is."
  • "The entire interview process was straight forward, everyone I interacted with was very nice and encouraging. My final interview with my team lead was great and nothing was too difficult or left me feeling inadequate after."
  • "Interviewers were all kind and organized. Emphasized finding people who fit into the culture and were passionate about the specific duties."
  • "The hiring process was quick and easy, but also comprehensive and allowed me to showcase my personality in a way that other interviews didn't. After submitting my resume, I had a recorded interview and then an in person interview. I think this allowed me to showcase my strengths and make up for the lack of experience I have on my resume, only being a first year student. I also got a chance to learn more about the company and meet my manager during the in-person interview."