The Comcast Center Internship is built for college sophomores and juniors with a GPA of at least 3.2. The program takes place over 11 weeks during the summer months and helps students gain business and communication skills as well as exposure to the realities of working at at Fortune 40 media company. Program focuses include business services, data and business analytics, and management and business operations.

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  • "I was required to work at minimum of 35 hours a week but usually hit 40 every week. The company culture at Comcast is diverse and inclusive. They promote great values such as helping out our communities and provide multiple professional learning opportunities for their interns as well as full-time employees. The work life balance was exceptional even with working from home."
  • "The company culture is inclusive, welcoming, and genuine. It was expected to work 40 hours per week, but managers were very flexible with how that could be achieved. It was always recognized that each employee is a person with a life outside of work."
  • "When I first started working with my team, I wasn't treated like an intern. They treated me like a new member of the team. They supported my goals and provided adequate feedback. I worked up to 40 hours a week and had the flexibility to work more hours on certain days so that I could get off early on others."
  • "Firm culture was very inclusive and diverse! Interns came from all different walks of life and I made some good friends through it! For me personally, work life balance was great and my hours were very reasonable with the ability to take time off if needed."

Getting Hired Here

  • "I felt very comfortable with my interviewer and felt confident answering the interview questions. Their standards were VERY selective. I think they said they hired 100 interns out of 5,000+ total applicants."
  • "I had a one-way interview online using a platform and then had a final interview with the two managers I would be potentially working for. I really appreciated interviewing with my potential managers because it let me see if it would be a good fit. The interviews were not stressful and felt very conversational."
  • "As a returning intern, I didn't have to go through any interviews as I had received an offer to return shortly after the first internship ended. The initial interviews in 2020 were comprised of one recorded interview with four to five questions and one, 45-minute virtual interview with a hiring manager. The interviews had all behavioral-based questions regarding leadership, teamwork, and personal work ethic."
  • "Got back to you very quickly with a decision. Interview process was done entirely virtual, the first half being pre-recorded videos, and the second set being a video call."