Founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen, Microsoft is perhaps the original college-dropout success story. The work culture there embraces that same entrepreneurial spirit, prizing autonomy and creativity in problem-solving. Microsoft has specific hiring plans aimed and creating a diverse environment, including ones for autistic people and for individuals with disabilities.

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Microsoft's ambitions to put a computer on every desk have evolved to put a computing device just about anywhere and connect it to the cloud rather than anchor it to a desk. Besides the Windows operating system and Office suite of productivity programs, Microsoft makes tablets (Surface), game consoles (Xbox), and smartphones (Lumia). It even introduced its first laptop computer in 2015. Still software -- for consumers and businesses -- is Microsoft's biggest source of revenue.

Microsoft has a well-earned reputation as a top employer and top firm in its field.  In addition to full-ti...

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Microsoft is a global tech giant. The company has been creating inspired innovations and chasing a futuristic vision since its founding in 1975. All these years later, Microsoft has yet to slow down. At its core, the company is built on creativity and invention. Its enterprising attitude has lead it to make smart acquisitions and grow its suite of products and capabilities. In 2021, Microsoft acquired The Marsden Group, a tech company specializing in industrial environments. Other important acquisitions have been Hotmail in 1997, Skype in 2011, and nearly 10 acquisitions in 2020 alone. Unli...

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