A U.S. holding company, Reynolds American's subsidiaries manufacture, market, and sell tobacco, smoke-free tobacco, and nicotine products. Based in Winston-Salem, NC, the company wins plaudits for their ESG performance and LGBTQ workplace equality. The company receives top marks from previous interns, who laud the "training and preparation for real-world sales positions," the "hidden gem of corporate America," and the "best company for young professionals."

Internship Program Stats


How To Apply

Apply online https://www.reynoldsamerican.com/careers/career-opportunities



Number Of Interns

51 to 100


Featured Rankings

Best Retail & Consumer Products Internships









3.00 - 3.49

About the Program

Internships at Reynolds American Inc can lead to a successful and rewarding career at a global organization. In fact, some of the company’s current vice presidents began their career journey as interns. Reynolds American Inc. takes great care to shape an internship experience that’s meaningful, challenging and memorable. Internships are professional experiences in which interns’ insights, contributions and energy are valued by the teams of which they’re a part. Interns are empowered to make a...

About the Company

  1. Reynolds American, Inc. is owned by the BAT Group (British American Tobacco), a British-based holding company, which operates in over 100 countries worldwide. BAT-owned companies manufacture tobacco products, including international and domestic brands of cigarettes, and provide financial and insurance services.

Intern Reviews

  • “I completed a capstone project specifically analyzing and making recommendations on current business initiatives. I also networked across divisions and regions, and took part in day-to-day activities that full-time employed Territory Managers do.”
  • “I worked in different territories, visiting different retail stores such as chains, franchises, and independent stores. I also worked on a group project and presented with a focus on how we can improve the trading area to better our current jobs as sales representatives.”
  • “Monday: I met with my manager virtually to discuss the upcoming week and then met my manager in person at restaurant to talk about any issues, projects, etc. Tuesday and Wednesday: I observed a Territory Manager in retail by visiting gas stations and learning about the 5Ps in marketing. Thursday: I met with an Account Manager to discuss contracts, final project info, planograms, etc. Friday: I virtually met with my final project group to work on the final project.”
  • “I worked with different territory managers each day to understand and follow their roles, worked on a group project throughout the course of the internship to present to management, traveled to different parts of the region to get a better understanding of different markets, and networked with individuals across the country and across departments.”

Why Intern Here

Getting Hired Here

  • “Professional and courteous managers and interviewers. The questions were well thought out and planned, and are aligned with the company structure and culture and work at hand.”
  • “Everyone in my interviews was extremely personable and friendly. The questions were challenging but definitely questions I was prepared to answer.”
  • “The interview process was great! At first, I was a little nervous, but my interviewer made me feel very comfortable. We discussed my resume, why I wanted to peruse the internship, and they answered any questions I had.”
  • “The hiring process overall was about as good as anyone could expect. Initial phone interviews were followed up with a live video interview with relevant employees. The interviews felt somewhat personal and made sure to get a feel for who I was as a person.”