FedEx College Connections Internship is a 10-week summer program. Interns work 40 hours a week and are paid competitive wages. Interns work directly with senior employees at Fedex on their projects. There are networking events, executive speaker series, services projects, and tours of major FedEx facilities. Program opportunities are available all over the United States. Positions include associate auditor intern, sustainability intern, environmental intern, and more.

Internship Program Stats


How To Apply

Interns are hired through this standard selection process. To be considered for a summer internship position, interested students must submit an online application via the FedEx Careers website.

 To view all available intern positions, follow the steps below:

1. Go to FedEx Careers.

2. Ensure FedEx Services is the selected operating company.

3. In the Keyword search field, enter “intern” for internships.

4. Click on the job title of choice to review specifics.

5. Click “Apply” to submit an application.


Number Of Interns

101 or more


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Best Internships for Data Analytics



6 to 12 weeks





Academic Level

College Juniors

About the Program

The HR College Connections program has a guiding principle to execute a relationship strategy on college campuses in close proximity to main FedEx Services geographies that will deploy FedEx resources to effectively compete for talent. A summer internship program is centrally coordinated across FedEx Services with a program goal of placing interns in areas that will have the most need for full-time positions in the future.

The internship is a 10-week paid assignment for students pursu...

About the Company

FedEx was born out of a college paper written by founder Frederick W. Smith at Yale in 1965. Smith wrote a paper about the need for a new shipping industry to optimize urgent shipping needs, especially for air freight shippers. His system addressed time-sensitive shipments like medicine, computer parts, and electronics. Unfortunately, Smith received a very average grade on the paper, but very fortunately for the rest of the world, he chased his idea and vision.

Smith purchased control...

Intern Reviews

  • "This intern program was 40hours a week for 10 weeks. It was very manageable, in fact many of my fellow interns were also taking summer courses. Emphasis was placed on stopping work at 5pm in order to have a healthy work/life balance. The culture is UNBEATABLE. I truly cannot speak highly enough of my experience. Every one I met greeted me with a smiling face and excitement to get to know me personally and professionally. We even met as a team outside of the office for outdoor activities and volunteering in the community."
  • "Very flexible environment given the virtual format of the internship. I never felt like my manager was micromanaging me or looking over my shoulder. I was given problems to solve and it was up to me how I go about solving the problems, but help was always available if I got stuck at any point."
  • "The culture is great! As an intern, you're treated as a real, valuable member of your team. You're given projects that are are value to the company instead of just busywork. You're expected to work full-time, but they're flexible if you need any time off."
  • "There is a distinct line between work and life, hence the strong work and life balance here. There is a time to work and we acknowledge that there is a time for rest and to use that rest time to come back stronger the next work day. The people and work environment is great, everyone is understanding and we accept that we are humans and are always learning/ make mistakes. Typical full time work hours, no complaints at all. People come to work loving what they do and pass that positive energy throughout the company and to their direct team members."

Getting Hired Here

  • "I submitted an application and was pretty quickly asked for an interview with two hiring managers (one who became my boss during my internship). They made me feel safe and free to be myself throughout the interview. The questions were pretty straightforward but gave you the opportunity to expand and show your potential and worth as well as previous experience!"
  • "The interview was really good, since the interviews really understood my skillset and posed some really good questions from my resume. And then they matched their requirements with my skillset. That's how an interview should be conducted, the hiring process was perfect."
  • "The interview process is one of the best I've had! The interview questions asked about behavioral questions that directly align with the companies own personal message and motive. I was able to ask questions for the interviewers and gain constructive criticisms regarding how to improve my interview and question answering skills. Interviews definitely made me think, but in no way were that impossible or outlandish. Interviewers knew what questions to ask and it definitely made finding the perfect candidate easier. Interviewers also had their own standards and ideal candidate in mind, but were also willing to help and guide candidates in the right direction if expectations were not met."
  • "FedEx has their very selective hiring process figured out. The interviews were not overdone and I felt like it was more of a conversation rather than an intense questioning. They are able to narrow down over 900 marketing applicants to nearly15 by spotting those that would fit in with the company culture and perform well on the work given."