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How To Apply

Interns are hired through this standard selection process. To be considered for a summer internship position, interested students must submit an online application via the FedEx Careers website.

 To view all available intern positions, follow the steps below:

1. Go to FedEx Careers.

2. Ensure FedEx Services is the selected operating company.

3. In the Keyword search field, enter “intern” for internships.

4. Click on the job title of choice to review specifics.

5. Click “Apply” to submit an application.


Number Of Interns

101 or more


Featured Rankings

Best Transportation Internships



6 to 12 weeks





Academic Level

College Juniors

About the Program

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Intern Reviews

  • “FedEx has an amazing culture. You are treated like a human rather than just an employee or number. I was able to choose my hours, as long as it fit within the 40 hours. My manager treated me like a full-time employee rather than an intern who is not fully a part of the team. The company consistently proved that it valued me being there as an intern.”
  • “FedEx definitely puts its people first and it is a culture of collegiality. The work/life balance was good and allowed me to get 40 hours a week, but still go home and have fun with friends after work.”
  • “The internship experience is amazing. There is a combination of intern events and project work. It is very comfortable to work in hybrid mode.”
  • “The internship program offers a lot of liberty, an opportunity to learn without unreasonable expectations. The only expectation is the willingness to learn and put in a whole-hearted effort.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “I thought the interview process was very straightforward! I felt very comfortable when talking to all the managers on the video call, and never felt too pressured with any the questions that were given.”
  • “I was required to create a presentation and present to a panel and afterwards, they asked me questions. I thought it seemed tedious at first but it really allowed me to take control of the interview and say everything I wanted to say.”
  • “I felt super comfortable in the interview process and my interviewers were super nice and made jokes to create a safe environment.”
  • “The interview to hiring process was very quick. I received an interview just a little over a week after my submitted me application and I was hired just a week after my interview.”