The Discover Internship Program (DIP) is a dynamic training program that provides participants with challenging work. Past interns say their summer was a “great opportunity to grow and learn, working on real world problems,” that “interns are valued and respected and given meaningful work” and “the culture and the people are unmatched—everyone wants interns to succeed.”

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About the Program

The Discover Internship Program (DIP) is a dynamic training program that provides participants with:

  • Challenging project assignments that support Discover’s strategic priorities and objectives
  • A dedicated Program Manager to provide leadership continuity, ongoing performance feedback and coaching on career direction
  • Hand-selected Internship Managers identified for their business acumen and effectiveness in managing and developing people
  • Cross-functi...

About the Company

Discover Financial Services is the financial services company that owns and operates Discover Bank, which offers checking and savings accounts, digital wallets, personal loans, home equity loans, student loans, and credit cards (with about 50 million cardholders). With annual revenues in the arena of $13 billion, it also controls the Discover and Pulse networks, as well as Diners Club International. Discover was founded by Sears, Roebuck and Co. in 1985.

Headquartered in the Chicago su...

Intern Reviews

  • "The internship is 40 hours/week, but the hours you are fairly flexible, as long as you are adding up to that 40 hour mark. They also allow interns to participate in summer hours, so by working an extra hour 4 days a week, you can take a half day on 1 day. The culture is absolutely amazing and they truly do things that align with their mission and values, and make sure employees are able to participate in those things as well."
  • "Quality of life is one of Discover's top priorities and you are encouraged to only work the hours you are supposed to."
  • "Everyone was so welcoming and open to chatting about work or professional development - the people made this an incredible experience."
  • "The culture at Discover is very unique and there were many opportunities to get involved in ERGs and other activities across the company. We had a wellness day with so many great activities and I also attended an event where we heard from Dr. Salaam which was so inspiring. In general, work/life balance is very important and I always felt supported to not have to/need to overwork myself. It was overall great!"

Getting Hired Here

  • "Interviewers were very friendly and helpful, as they were totally open to any questions I had during the process. The interviews weren't very difficult, however you do have to be prepared for both behavioral and case questions. The interview process went by very quickly, as they said to expect news in a week if you made it to the second round, however we all found out within the next day or two. Same thing happened after second round of interviews when they said they would be extending offers the following week, but was the next day instead. They had to have pretty high standards, just because they had such a large number of applicants but a limited number of open spots."
  • "There were three interviews for the internship which felt like a lot, but everyone was very nice. When the winter storm hit Texas I reached out and they were flexible with my interviews."
  • "The process was selective, but I didn't find the interviews particularly difficult. All of my interviewers were very kind and it felt like it was more of a conversation than a traditional interview."
  • "Every interview was very structured. I knew what to expect and the process was well outlined. They communicated well with deadlines, the process, and everything and were super helpful throughout."