American Electric Power (AEP) is one of the largest electric companies in the United States. It serves about 200,000 square miles across eleven states, providing electricity to over 5 million customers. AEP works in electricity transmission and power generation through its seven regional electric utilities that serve its millions of customers. AEP Energy, AEP Energy Partners, and AEP Onsite Partners are the company’s competitive businesses, providing retail solutions in energy and wholesale power.

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Apply online https://aep.yello.co/external/form/WZhZ4jMu3kQqGpM5UQvUWg



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About the Program

The internship is designed as an abbreviated version of a full-time position, gearing interns for later entry into the company. Co-ops enrolled in the computer science track receive practical experience in web development, script writing, programming, database development and more.  Business interns get hands-on experience in risk and market analysis, control procedures and marketing energy supplies. Engineering co-op students work with analyzed work flow, interpreted air permits and benchmar...

About the Company

American Electric Power (AEP) is the largest electricity generator and one of the largest utilities in the United States.  Eleven states are linked to its distribution grid, which generates more than 39,000 megawatts.  The company employs almost 20,000 people and has over five million customers.  AEP’s transmission system serves roughly 10 percent of the electricity demand in the Eastern Interconnection.

Intern Reviews

  • "My time this year with AEP was definitely a journey. The team I was able to work with were very friendly and willing to work with me with everything I needed. I was afraid as an intern that I wouldn’t catch on to many of the projects that I was required to complete, but I was able to network and ask as many questions to find solutions. I was required to work 40 hours a week to complete my projects. At time I would work weekends just to balance everything out, it all worked for the best."
  • "The culture is fantastic. Everyone is welcoming and helpful (when they can be). It is a very positive environment, and I appreciate there emphasis on safety. However, there is a large learning curve for beginners, and most coworkers are extremely busy. If you do not have a mentor, you might be a little lost for the first month or so."
  • "Amazing workplace and people. I would have liked to take on a bit more workload on some days, however overall everything about the 40 hour week was very evenly spaced out."

Getting Hired Here

  • "From my experience, the hiring process was very slow. I had two interviews with a month in between. There were no updates between interviews, and I didn't not hear back from my last interview until a month after that (2 month process). However, the onboarding process was quick and straightforward."
  • "The hiring process was kind of a rocky ride, I believe that was the case, due to COVID and communication being virtual."
  • "Initially interviewed in person and was simple and very friendly."