Economic consulting firms are generally known for the data-intensive and rigorously analytic nature of their work. While Bates White is no different, the firm seeks to differentiate itself through its bright and passionate people. It’s a firm that invests heavily in professional development and building a close-knit, collaborative culture. Past summer interns praise the "real-life casework," "many mentorship opportunities," "accessible senior leadership," and "regression software training."

Internship Program Stats


How To Apply

To apply, please submit your application via the company website (www.bateswhite.com/careers.html). Please be sure to include a cover letter, resume, and transcript.




Number Of Interns

10 to 20


Featured Rankings

Best Consulting Internships






6 to 12 weeks


Academic Level

College Seniors

About the Program

Bates White is an economic consulting firm offering services to law firms, Fortune 500 companies, and government agencies. 

The Bates White Summer Consultant Program is an intensive 10-week internship that provides rising seniors with an opportunity to develop knowledge, skills, and abilities while making meaningful contributions to the firm. Participants receive extensive training and perform a mix of challenging and interesting quantitative and qualitative assignments. They work sid...

About the Company

Bates White is a mid-sized consultancy specializing in advanced economic, financial and econometric analysis. The company's professional staff-among them economists, econometricians, financial analysts, and IT specialists-help law firms, corporations, and government entities address complex matters that require sophisticated problem solving and deep empirical analysis.

Intern Reviews

  • "Every team is very close and knows each other well, people went out of their way to introduce themselves and get to know me. I was required to work 38 hours a week, but got paid for 40 hours since offices close at 3 on Friday's during the summer. BT has a great work-life balance and despite only being there for 8 weeks they still encouraged taking PTO if needed."
  • "All of the members of my team are very kind people who are willing to offer help whenever I need it. Being an intern, I have a lot of questions and there has always been someone available to help me out whenever I am stuck. I believe the hours I am required to work is fair, and I am still able to participate in hobbies that I enjoy while working 8 AM to 5 PM."
  • "My internship was absolutely awesome. Being able to work on current projects where what you are doing matters, is a great thing. My co-workers were all so welcoming and inviting which made it easy to ask questions and work with them. I was able to work closely with the people at my office location which helped me learn a lot in just 8 weeks."
  • "Love the firm culture, my team made sure I felt welcomed and encouraged me to ask questions and to reach out at anytime. I never felt like a bother to anyone. The program is also very understanding about our personal lives, if I needed a day off it was a simple process to get the days approved. The worked in disconnect days really made me feel like the firm cares and wants us to enjoy some personal time."

Getting Hired Here

  • "The hiring process was brief but the interviewers and campus recruiters had a strong interest in getting to know the applicants to see if they would be a good fit for the firm. I felt at ease in the interviews as if I was having a conversation with someone I knew."
  • "I interviewed at the firms, "Spotlight Program", and the interviews were a bit challenging but manageable. Expect multiple interviews with different staff within the firm in a short period of time on the same day. Also, there is an on-the-spot group presentation during the program with little time given to prepare. This forces applicants to present a topic to a large audience and this helps to separate which applicants have good soft skills and which applicants do not. Being able to communicate well is imperative in our field."
  • "I was contacted very quickly after applying. There was a phone interview and a Zoom interview. The interviews were formal yet very comfortable and I was offered the position within the next few days."
  • "The interviewers asked questions that were not always asked in other interviews. They tried to get to know the candidates more personally, were open minded and friendly. I got a response hours after the interview and felt very welcomed to the firm, which is why I ultimately chose to do this internship."