Graybar offers internships to students in their third year of undergraduate study. The program has positions all over the country and at each one, students have the chance to explore every aspect of Graybar’s business. Interns also have the opportunity to network with professionals in the industry. Graybar searches for applicants with a keen interest in the industry, excellent academic standing, and a positive attitude!

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Graybar was founded in 1869 by Elisha Gray and Enos M. Barton. The company moved its offices to Chicago shortly before the Great Chicago Fire of 1871, and the fire provided the opportunity for growth as Graybar sold fire alarms and helped rebuild the city’s infrastructure. Presently, Graybar has more than 260 locations in North America and Puerto Rico, as well as authorized agents around the world. The company’s current CEO is Kathleen Mazzarella, and its corporate headquarters is located in ...

Intern Reviews

  • "Graybar really seems to care about their employees and the office morale. I worked 40 hours a week and could flexibly take time off using my leave hours if I had something come up. Everyone was very friendly and inviting."
  • "I have had more fun during this internship than I have ever experienced at a place of employment. I was fortunate enough to have made friends within both locations I have been working at and I have learned so much from the employees, also."
  • "I personally am more of a fan of the Brooklyn Park location rather than the Minneapolis location due to the fact that those employees are closer to my age and the traffic is nothing compared to Minneapolis traffic."

Getting Hired Here

  • "I had three interviews (one casual phone call, one zoom with the HR manager, and one zoom with one of the district managers), overall I think the interview process was pretty on par with other companies and Graybar did well at keeping me updated about the process."
  • "Very much enjoyed the interview process with one of the Human Resource managers. Even going to school in a different state that my internship location, they made the interview process very easy with a first phone interview with a recruiter from corporate to then an in-person interview with one of the human resource managers. They made the experience very personable and introduced me to the culture of the company."
  • "Hiring process was awesome. From the time I learned about Graybar through my business organization to when I was hired was around three weeks. I went through three different rounds of interviews which each one went extremely well and without any stress."
  • "There was only one interview for this internship position and it was my first "professional" interview. I went in feeling confident, but nervous, like most people would. I was pleasantly surprised by how well the conversation flowed throughout the interview, while also answering important questions. I was able to get to know the three people interviewing me very well in the process, too!"