A nationally and globally recognized leading general contractor for more than 50 years, DAVIS has built their business around 4 core values: Trust, Excellence in Service, Integrity, and Building Relationships. Interns get to experience all aspects of construction and learn the critical soft and hard skills required to build environments and careers successfully. Past interns say their time at DAVIS was “educational and fun,” provided “real work experience with great pay and employees who care,” while “learning the principles of project...

Internship Program Stats


How To Apply

Step 1: following Career Fair Meet + Greets, applicants are directed to our company website (http://www.davisconstruction.com/positions) to apply for the Internship position by uploading both their resume and a cover letter.

Step 2: Qualified candidates are contacted for interviews.

Step 3: After their interview, candidates are required to complete and submit a long form application, which includes more detailed information such as dates of prior employment, names and contact information for references, compensation requirements, etc.



Number Of Interns

10 to 20


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6 to 12 weeks

About the Program

Each summer, James G Davis Construction Corporation welcomes an amazing group of college students to their DAVIS internship. From day one interns are part of the team. Through a variety of project types, at different stages of completion, interns experience all aspects of construction and learn the critical soft and hard skills required to build environments and careers successfully. Interns also have the opportunity to engage in project-related Networking + Client Connection, Education, and ...

About the Company

James G Davis Construction Corporation (DAVIS) is a leading general contractor, both locally and nationally. The company offers preconstruction, virtual construction, sustainable construction, and design-build services.

Intern Reviews

  • "The culture and environment at DAVIS is one that fosters learning. Everyone is always willing to answer a question or explain something in detail for you. This helps to make the comfortable environment that DAVIS presents."
  • "Firm culture was welcoming, understanding and exciting. I was required to work regular 40-hour weeks. Had a very good work/life balance being able to maintain my normal schedule."
  • "Work hours were as expected at a construction firm. I felt welcomed by the company and other interns throughout my internship period."

Getting Hired Here

  • "The interviewers at DAVIS are great. They make sure to ask enough questions to get to know you and your skills and then accurately present what the culture, environment, and day-to-day tasks at DAVIS are like."
  • "Hiring process was simple. I emailed my recruiter and she set up a brief phone interview which then was followed by a Zoom interview with 2 field engineers."
  • "DAVIS is very organized when it comes to the hiring progress and it was a very smooth process."