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Visit the Careers page on our company website and apply to the Summer Internship posting.  Qualified candidates will be contacted for interviews.



Number Of Interns

21 to 50


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6 to 12 weeks

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Intern Reviews

  • “Hours were reasonable for a college student in the summer and the work/life balance was really great. We were encouraged to take our vacations and to not be worried about leaving early or taking some time off.   Firm culture is very open and everyone in the office is very open to helping you learn, however, there are times where your mentors are quite busy and are unable to give you certain responsibilities. Overall, I think the environment and culture is one of the best that I've encountered so far.”
  • “Moving to a new place was very difficult, but there were many social events held by DAVIS for all the interns that helped.”
  • “The work/life balance at DAVIS is excellent as I have ample time to do what I want after work every day. The culture is extremely friendly and motivational as all employees get along well and upper management stays engaged with their employees. As an intern DAVIS does not expect nor want you to work over your 40 hours for the week. DAVIS encourages intern involvement as they are always hosting different intern events (paid). Which made work/life balance easy.”
  • “After interviewing with multiple general contractors for a summer internship, I can conclude that DAVIS promoted the best positive work environment that exposed you to all aspects of the construction industry. It was expected to work full-time (40hrs/wk) with the possibility of overtime. Everyone that I have been exposed to throughout the internship program are genuine and accepting with open arms.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “The interview with the recruiters was wonderful. I found myself with nerves because there are some companies that are very formal, serious, and firm with their interviews which makes it quite intimidating and sometimes difficult. I felt myself at ease with my interview with DAVIS; I sat down with them the day after the career fair and they were very open and lighthearted, made it a little more casual and relaxing for me to talk to them. Their interviews were a breeze because of the environment they had set for me.”
  • “Everyone was super sweet and friendly. I was Interviewed by a pair of current employees and it was about 30 minutes.”
  • “The hiring process was generally good, the company kept in contact with me throughout the time I met them to the time I got an offer. The interviews asked standard questions. DAVIS does have fairly high standards for their interns. Only downside was how long it took for them to send the internship offer.”