IBM offers a number of summer internship programs open to student at all levels of their academic career, with some exceptions in specific programs. It also facilitates a Co-Op program in which students take on a 20 hour work week instead of or in tandem with a part-time school semester. The internships all focus on consulting with various niches like cybersecurity or analytics. The Co-Op program is focuses on product marketing.

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Visit us year round at ibm.com/start to see a full list of our opportunities. IBM hires both undergraduate and graduate
students in our internship and co-op programs. You can be considered for participation if you are a full-time student at any accredited, U.S. college or university. You are eligible for employment after completing your freshman year.

As an external applicant, you will be able to create an online application and upload a resume. The initial investment of your time will result in less data entry in future applications. You will also be able to view all global external openings, apply to multiple jobs within a country at the same time, update your contact info, send to a friend, and check on the status of your application(s).

Since you can only apply to a specific job opportunity once, it is important you pay close attention to the questions asked on the application and ensure you respond to all required questions.

Here is a link for more details on Applications FAQs: http://www-03.ibm.com/employment/us/feedback.shtml


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College Sophomores

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More information about IBM's internship program is on the way. For now, be sure to read the IBM profile on Firsthand and check out

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For those that knew IBM from its reputation as a manufacturer of hardware, the current iteration of the company may be hard to recognize. The company that existed in 2020 was the result of two major business events early in the millennium. The first occurred in post-Enron-scandal 2002, when IBM emerged from the feeding frenzy of Big Four accounting firms grasping the prize of PricewaterhouseCoopers' consulting arm—the tech firm's first major foray into the world of service provision. Two year...

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