Houlihan Lokey is a global investment bank that specializes in mergers and acquisitions, capital markets, financial restructuring, and valuation. Past interns say their time at Houlihan Lokey provided a “fantastic learning opportunity with team members who really care about your development.” Participants experienced “an in-depth look into the investment banking space with strong training, learning, and responsibility" and "incredible learning on live deals."

Internship Program Stats


How To Apply

How to Apply is listed on the company website here: https://www.hl.com/careers/early-careers/how-to-apply/


Number Of Interns

51 to 100


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6 to 12 weeks




About the Program

The Houlihan Lokey internship program is 10 weeks long; the interns receive approximately a week of training and gain hands-on experience working alongside full-time staff and participating as integral members of a deal team. The internship is designed to give students an opportunity to experience what it is like to work at an investment bank to make sure it is the right career path for them.

About the Company

Houlihan Lokey is an international investment bank with expertise in mergers and acquisitions, capital markets, valuation, and financial restructuring. The firm serves corporations, institutions, and governments worldwide with offices in the United States, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region. Houlihan Lokey is ranked as the No. 1 M&A advisor for U.S. transactions under $5 billion, the No. 1 M&A fairness opinion advisor for U.S. transactions over the past 10 years, and the No. 1 global...

Intern Reviews

  • "As an intern, you are given respect. No babying. It is very collegial. We are not required to work a certain amount, but in general you have ~70-80 hour work weeks. If there are deals, things have to move, so naturally the work/life balance can skew negative. When you're not staffed on something live, however, there is some balance."
  • "As an intern, quality of life is not horrible but compared to a 9-5 job, we were here for much longer where a 7 pm night was extremely early. Looking at the full time analysts, they have extremely long hours and constantly working through the night."
  • "Culture is great, hours are long, but that is just the industry norm."
  • "Houlihan Lokey doesn't expect any face time; when you wrap up your work, you're able to go home. The only expectation is that if you get comments after you leave the office that you address them wherever you may be. The firm culture is incredibly friendly and they genuinely try to help you learn and mentor you. Additionally, as long as the week isn't super busy, if you communicate you have plans outside of the firm, they try to work with your schedule so you're able to get to whatever those plans are. On easy weeks, I was putting in 40 hours a week. On busy weeks, I was putting in 90 hours a week."

Getting Hired Here

  • "Fairly straight forward interview questions."
  • "Pretty subjective and think a lot of people had connections, but at the same time, seems the hires are all great choices."
  • "The hiring process was very well-done. HR was very communicative during the entire process, and I never felt out-of-the-loop. They were always available if I had any questions as well. For my interviews, the interviewers were a perfect combination of professional and friendly. The interview questions were somewhat difficult, but that is the standard in any competitive IB process. They take this process seriously at Houlihan, and want to make sure that they truly select the best candidates for the job. This definitely shows, thanks to the unbelievable track record and growth prospects of the company."
  • "First round, second round, and Superday. Fairly standard questions and technicals, difficult, but not horrible."