Evercore, one of the world’s top M&A and restructuring advisors, offers phenomenal training and senior-banker exposure to interns and junior bankers. 2020 interns rated Evercore's program 5-out-of-5 stars, praising the firm's "sharp yet friendly coworkers, marquee clients, stimulating work," "exposure to multiple industry teams and different transaction types," and "super Evercore-specific" "incredible banker-led" training program.

Internship Program Stats


How To Apply

There is a two-step application process.  All candidates need to apply on the website and for those students where the firm recruits on campus, applications should also be submitted through the school's career management system.  

Required materials include a resume and cover letter.  For those interested in Diversity process, please read the application information carefully to apply.



Number Of Interns

51 to 100


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6 to 12 weeks




About the Program

The Evercore Summer Program is a 10-week program (including one week of training) designed to provide highly motivated undergraduates and MBAs with a representative experience in investment banking. As part of the program, interns will work on a variety of assignments across industries including: acquisitions, restructurings, recapitalizations, divestitures, partnerships and joint ventures.

As part of the team assigned to these projects, individuals will be responsible for a variety o...

About the Company

Evercore is an elite independent investment banking advisory firm, employing more than 1,900 people and serving clients around the world from its numerous offices in North America, Europe, South America, and Asia. The firm’s investment banking business advises clients on mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, restructurings, financings, public offerings, private placements, and other strategic transactions. It also provides institutional investors with equity research and sales and trading exec...

Intern Reviews

  • "The number hours was obviously high, but that is to be expected for investment banking. Evercore had recently instituted a protected Saturday policy, which was observed on most occasions and I found very helpful. They really do want you to have a good work/life balance and are actively trying to make the job more manageable. The culture is very collaborative and everyone seems to really enjoy working with colleagues at all levels."
  • "Culture was excellent - supportive, willing to help, nice people, smart but not cocky. Did not value busy work, but did work a lot and hard, as expected in IB. Rarely worked on Saturdays and only some Sundays."
  • "I found that the junior bankers were very accommodating of the interns, generally telling us to stop working if it got too late or helping out with tasks that were taking too long. I also didn't have a single Protected Saturday get "unprotected," and found that generally my weekends weren't too busy."

Getting Hired Here

  • "The first round of interviews were with two analysts who were very friendly and called afterwards to say congratulations. The second round (the Super Day) consisted of four interviews. The interviews were difficult but very doable with an adequate level of preparation."
  • "The process was competitive. Lots of applicants were weeded out by school teams before even beginning the networking process in earnest, and then it was sort of difficult for me at a non-target to get networking opportunities with the specific team I was recruiting for. Everyone I spoke with during networking was extremely friendly and open. The interviews themselves were fairly difficult, but the amount and duration were about average."