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PwC’s Entry-level recruiting process

What can you expect during the recruiting process? We've got the details for you as well as how to get started.

Getting started

We are dedicated to developing leaders at all levels, and our programs, internships and full-time opportunities are just the beginning. Learn more about our Entry Level Recruiting process.

  • Determine which entry level program or opportunity is right for you based on graduation date and eligibility by taking our interactive quiz! 
  • As you prepare to submit your application, take time to review our different career areas and practice teams to help you determine which groups may align with your educational background, skills and experience and career interests. 

How to apply

In order to be considered for one of PwC's open positions it is required that you apply directly to PwC via the entry level jobs site.  

  • The firm encourages all interested job seekers to apply as soon as possible, ideally during the preferred fall and spring application windows. 
  • All job seekers are encouraged to review our PwC Entry Level Visa Sponsorship Eligibility site prior to applying. 
  • For the majority of entry-level roles at PwC, job seekers are required to complete an assessment to be considered for the role. After you submit an application for an entry-level position, you should expect to receive the assessment via email within a few hours.  

Current students and alumni interested in entry level opportunities are encouraged to apply. 

Get connected  

Job seekers are invited to join our Talent Community to get connect with the firm. By joining, you’ll learn more about PwC, career opportunities and events that interest you! Our talent community is a great place to tell us more about yourself and it helps recruiters find you if there’s an opportunity that aligns with your background, skills and interests.

Get prepared

Explore our entry level recruiting process and how to get started, virtual interview tips and what to expect during the recruitment process. Use our US careers recruiting map to find your school recruiter’s contact information



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101 or more


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3.00 - 3.49



6 to 12 weeks

About the Program

About the Company

Intern Reviews

  • “Work life balance was great! I had flexible work hours and was able to work from home or come into the office. As interns we were allowed to be independent, and I was able to work with my other teams a lot. Company culture is relaxed and healthy. I had a good time.”
  • “The work hours were very flexible (within reason of course), which made it more enjoyable. The firm culture can be intense, like any consulting business, but not nearly as much as what I've heard about other firms. The firm puts a huge emphasis on wellbeing, and we had lots of fun events.”
  • “I enjoyed the firm culture and overall environment. I was required to work full time, but if I had the opportunity to work overtime, I would.”
  • “Firm culture strongly believes in a strong distinction between work and personal life. As long as you're communicating openly on your plans, it is possible to enjoy your vacation.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “Easy application process and employees conducting the interviews made the experience friendly and very enjoyable. They were very good about getting back to me in a timely manner and keeping me informed about next steps.”
  • “Two to four interviews were conducted, interviewers were kind and happy to answer questions about the firm, and questions asked to the interviewee were relevant to the job. Mostly behavioral questions were asked in the initial stages of interviews.”
  • “The interviewers were nice to connect and talk with. I felt like the questions were more of a conversation and behavioral in nature. I feel like one of my interviewers was telling me what she thought of me during the interview/giving feedback.”
  • “There was an application filled out with several prompts. After that, the firm reached out to set up an interview. The firm was very transparent in what they were looking for and how to perform well in the interview. There were 3 separate interviews with several of the firm's staff members. A few weeks later, the firm reached out with an offer.”