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Apply online https://friedmanllp.applytojob.com/apply or attend campus recruiting event at select colleges https://www.friedmanllp.com/careers/campus-hires/events-schedule







3.00 - 3.49





Academic Level

College Sophomores


International Students Eligible


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Intern Reviews

  • "Work life balance is great here. I was working 9am-5:30pm Monday to Friday, since its summer now we get off Fridays which is great. Everyone I have worked with was very laid back and extremely helpful."
  • "Summer Fridays are a great perk that interns got to enjoy too. After long busy season hours, the firm gives all employees Fridays off for most of the summer. It's a great way to balance out the stress from the rest of the year. They also often provide lunches and happy hours, great balance of work and fun. Also, as an intern, there were two instances where I had doctor's appointments that interfered with my work schedule, and the firm had no problem adjusting around my appointments."
  • "Friedman has lots of flexibility with working hours and I was also allowed to take time off when needed with no issues. HR is very understanding and I enjoyed working with them when needing to make my own schedule while also being in school."
  • "Accounting is a busy department, but Friedman, LLP acknowledges it very well. They appreciate us working a lot during busy season by giving summer Fridays off and other perks. Overall, I am very satisfied with their culture and policies."

Getting Hired Here

  • "The hiring process went really smooth. I had two interviews which went really well and got offered the internship position the same day as my interview."
  • "I did two virtual interviews with Friedman after a career fair and met with several members of the tax and audit teams. It was nice to meet with employees of all levels, from staff to director/principal, on both teams. The firm understands that interns/full time hires coming out of school are completely green and have had little to no exposure to PA. They told me this from the get go, which made me feel very comfortable and like their expectations weren't too high for my skillset."
  • "Several Interviews with different Managers and HR Manager."