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Submit resumes through campus recruiting/career center platforms



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101 or more


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Best Internships for Diversity









3.00 - 3.49

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Intern Reviews

  • “The culture and overall environment of the firm is exactly what I was hoping for. The other employees are extremely knowledgeable and helpful, and the firm as a whole preaches and practices important concepts such as work/life balance, diversity, and inclusion. They provided a full experience as far as hours go. I personally would have preferred more, but the amount of work to pass around didn't allow for it.”
  • “CohnReznick has been fantastic. No expense has been spared to make our internship fun and exciting each and every day. CohnReznick provides lunch for the interns almost every day that we are in the office, we have done countless thrilling team-building activities, and our hours are extremely flexible.”
  • “Great environment. Very welcoming and shows appreciation for the interns. Everyone wants to get to know the interns and the people are great. Not too stressful with work too. They are very understanding.”
  • “Everyone has a good attitude, they're willing to help you, and most people seem to strike a solid balance between work and personal life. Everyone seems very accommodating.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “The hiring process for the internship went very smoothly. I thought the process was logical and time-efficient, utilizing a third-party self-tape interview for the first round (after acceptance of a resume/cover letter), and a double second-round interview via Microsoft Teams with two separate managers of the firm. The efficiency of the interview process was one of the reasons I wanted to work for this firm, since efficiency and time management are not strengths of other companies I've worked for in the past.”
  • “Application process is great. The interview was good, and the fielding process was developed well to take quality candidates.”
  • “I only had one interview which went extremely well. The communication between HR and I in the whole interview/onboarding process was seamless.”