NYC-based CohnReznick is one of the 15 largest accounting firm in the U.S. Interns get a chance to work on year-end audits and network with employees at all levels. Past interns say their time at CohnReznick was a “great way to get a preview of the tax world,” with “the opportunity of applying coursework concepts to real life scenarios,” for "an inviting, thoughtful, and progressive employer.”

Internship Program Stats


How To Apply

Submit resumes through campus recruiting/career center platforms



Number Of Interns

101 or more


Featured Rankings

Best Accounting Internships









3.00 - 3.49

About the Program

CohnReznick invests heavily in its interns — quickly broadening their skills through client-facing assignments, strong mentorship, and a variety of professional development programs.

Assurance/Audit Interns:

  • Work on all aspects of an audit including cash, bank reconciliations, auditing accounts payable, performing searches for unrecorded liabilities, maintaining confirmation logs and preparing audit work papers;
  • Assist with Audits, Reviews, Co...

About the Company

CohnReznick provides advisory, assurance, and tax services to companies across numerous industries, including affordable housing, commercial real estate, construction, private equity, financial services, hospitality, consumer, manufacturing and distribution, renewable energy, technology, life sciences, cannabis, healthcare, government, not-for-profit, government contractors, medical, law firms, and private clients. CohnReznick employs more than 3,000 people and has approximately 275 partners....

Intern Reviews

  • "The people here are some of the nicest, welcoming, and determined people I have met before. They enjoy helping the interns learn, motivates us to ask questions, and wants us to be in a comfortable setting while succeeding in this position. We have a set schedule of work but can easily be moved around, especially that we are virtual. The interns work 30 hours a week M-TH. CohnReznick wants us to have our work life balance and as an intern I am able to see that already. I am not expected to work on my days off, I get asked how my weekend was, if I am understanding topics, and just how I am in general. The firms idea is that everyone has a place to belong, balance life, and thrive in this environment."
  • "Was always encouraged to ask questions and all employees made sure that the interns were in a safe, welcoming, and open environment. There wasn't a time where I felt I was lesser just because of my status as an intern."
  • "The environment is very welcoming, and everyone is very helpful and friendly. The firm went out of their way to make the interns feel welcome and empowered. Work/life balance was very strong, and the attitude towards it for the interns was very positive. We were not expected to stay online to unreasonable hours and there weren't many meetings that started before 9 or went past 5."
  • "On a regular basis, interns worked four days a week for 7.5 hours. The firm culture was very comfortable and the staff made sure to allow us time to learn concepts, attend intern events and work on client engagements at the same time. They were flexible with our schedule and always included us in team meeting or activities."

Getting Hired Here

  • "Most welcoming and friendly interview process with the interviewers that I have experienced. It felt that we were already friends despite it being my first time meeting with the interviewers, which really helped ease my nerves. This was heavily taken into consideration when accepting the offer."
  • "It would have been nice to do a face to face interview, but the virtual one I had went really well and the questions made it clear they are looking for a whole person, not just a resume. I also enjoyed how the campus recruiting team called me themselves to give me the good news instead of sending an email, etc. It felt very personal and genuine."
  • "The interview was virtual, meaning I recorded my answers to questions. This took off the stress of a live interview and allowed me to thoroughly think through my answers ahead of time. Retrospectively, I wish I had the opportunity to interact with a CohnReznick employee and get a feeling for the culture and if I was a good fit."
  • "Hiring was super easy, as I completed a series of video interviews and then a phone call and after verifying a few details with me I received the internship offer. This all occurred well in advance, so I wasn't worrying last minute with hiring details."