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101 or more


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6 to 12 weeks

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Intern Reviews

  • “CBIZ has a great work environment. Everyone is so friendly and they do their best to have events outside of work for coworkers to have fun and get to know one another.”
  • “The culture at CBIZ is great! The people are fun to work with and there is a real work life balance. The expectation is to work 55 hours a week as an associate during busy season. Then throughout the rest of the year you’ll work normal hours. CBIZ is structured in a way where they care about their employees and values their overall satisfaction.”
  • “Hours were good, it took some getting used to at first but the firm is very flexible and understanding if I had prior appointments, commitments, etc.”
  • “They focus on work/life balance and not overworking you. They are very flexible and are always willing to accommodate you if things pop up.  Very healthy firm culture and I have never felt forced to stay working past a certain time.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “Felt very casual and not uptight, like the recruiters wanted to get to know me well rather than just picking apart my resume.”
  • “My recruiter is an amazing interviewer and is great person to guide you throughout the interview process. She is welcoming and puts on amazing events, along with [the] rest of recruiting team.”
  • “It was a smooth interview process. A campus recruiter reached out to me for a screening call. She passed along my information to the specific office and I had two additional interviews. I heard back quickly and they were excited to have me join. Interviews were virtual. Interviews focused on communication skills and learning habits rather than knowing specific information.”
  • “The interview process was very smooth; I met with many great people from HR and accounting associates. They got back to me about 2 weeks after the interviews with an offer.”