Barfield, Murphy, Shank, & Smith (BMSS) is a top three accounting firm in the state of Alabama. 27 partners and 230 employees serve a catalogue of clients that conduct business in all 50 states, as well as over 100 international clients. BMSS offers traditional CPA firm services and it does so across numerous industries including 16 industry niches in which it has a huge depth of expertise and knowledge.

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More information about 's BMSS (Barfield, Murphy, Shank & Smith) internship program is on the way. For now, be sure to check out BMSS' current internship openings on their site.

Intern Reviews

  • "The culture is the best. We were all working 60 hours a week which is tough, but having people there to support you is important. I felt like I had a good work/life balance. I was able to complete my hours how I wanted. I was able to work more in the beginning of the week so I could leave early on Friday."
  • "The only thing that was hard to get used to was working busy season hours, but I do think it's a great way to set the expectation early before you are hired full-time."
  • "At peak tax seasons hours, we worked 60 hours. However, we got to choose how to spread the hours out over the week. The firm really emphasizes work-life balance."
  • "The firm culture was very focused on work-life balance and had a feeling of being a big family. The hours maxed at 60 hours for interns, so I was able to experience tax season and know what to expect for the real world."

Getting Hired Here

  • "I loved getting to know the recruiters and employees of the firm. It was mainly focused on seeing if I would be a good fit for the firm and be able to work well with the other employees."
  • "Our interviews were through Zoom, which is not ideal. Both sides can get a better feel when it is in person. The interviews were never uncomfortable and very personable."
  • "I met with the recruiters on college campus a few times and never had an official interview process. Simply a few communications led to an offer."