BDO is a global accounting and advisory firm and one of the most prestigious CPA firms in the U.S. Its internship program gives students hands-on experience while they work alongside senior managers. Past interns say at BDO interns get to "get in and get their hands dirty," that it's remarkable "how much you learn so fast," and that "partners in the office were great and had an open door policy."

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How To Apply

Interested students should apply https://www.bdo.com/careers/students. Can also visit our events calendar to find local events near you. https://www.bdo.com/careers/students/events-internships-students/campus-events-internships



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101 or more


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3.00 - 3.49

About the Program

BDO is a place for energetic self-starters who can think and act like entrepreneurs. The firm offers two internship programs - the Core Tax Internship and the Audit/Assurance Internship. 

Core Tax Internship
The Core Tax Services Intern is responsible for utilizing their educational background as well as organizational skills in the service of firm's client base through the preparation of returns and extensions under the supervision ...

About the Company

BDO USA, LLP is the U.S. member firm of BDO International Ltd., one of the world’s largest accounting and advisory organizations serving the middle market, with more than 95,000 people working out of more than 1,700 offices across 164 countries and territories. BDO USA is the sixth-largest accounting firm in the U.S., measured by annual revenues. It has more than 70 offices and approximately 9,650 employees, including 777 partners. In 2021, BDO USA’s revenues exceeded $2 billion. BDO provides...

Intern Reviews

  • "I enjoyed my time at BDO as an audit intern. I worked with great people who were able to push me to learn the most that I could. Everyone I worked with had a great attitude and were respectful towards me. During my internship, I worked 40 hours per week from Monday to Friday. The online work environment was much better than I anticipated but I will I could've had experience working at the firm in-person."
  • "BDO really cares about having a work life balance. Throughout my internship they had busy season breaks, would not let interns work massive amounts of hours, and they made sure people took time off and were not overworking themselves."
  • "I was doing a 40-hour a week internship with BDO and it was a Monday-Friday internship, so I had Saturdays & Sundays off to take care of my personal affairs -which was really great. I was encompassed with amazing individuals and professionals who helped me answer all my questions and concerns throughout my journey. BDO has a "people first" culture and it was pretty obvious since partners were sort of valuing interns preferences and accommodating with us."
  • "Everyone I worked with was incredibly nice and easy to talk to, with one stand out quality of each individual being that they all enjoyed helping us interns out, never being annoyed of the numerous questions we asked. Over my internship, I ended up working 40 hours a week, since the audit team I was on didn't need me to work overtime for our client (which I was not too mad about since working online can be tough). Overall, I feel like BDO is a place where people are easy to get along with and are a very determined group of people."

Why Intern Here

At BDO, we believe in putting the right people in the right environment, positioning talented people in the places where they have the best chances to thrive. Whether your interests lie in assurance or tax, in real estate or biotech, BDO offers a variety of options and opportunities to help you discover your strengths, build your skills, and grow as a professional. As an intern or associate, you’ll get the chance to make a real impact the moment you arrive in the office. You’ll participate in a wide variety of projects, working in a wide range of industries, and for an even wider range of clients.

Getting Hired Here

  • "The hiring process at BDO went very smoothly. I had my recruiter to help me through the process and to answer any questions I had. My interview went well with the BDO professional. They were easy to talk to and we had good conversations. BDO had specific standards they want you to meet in order to become an intern but didn't require any previous accounting experience besides for accounting being your major."
  • "The hiring process was very relaxed. They invited me to the office to meet everyone for lunch. By the end of lunch, they basically asked me when I wanted to start. The next day I got my offer letter. I didn't even realize I was being interviewed. It was the best hiring process I've ever experienced."
  • "Best interview process I have ever had in my experience so far and I have told everyone who has asked me this. Interviewed with three different people for ~30 minutes each all with different positions within the firm. Some of the best and most intelligent conversations I've had during interviews and not just all tough, drilling questions. The interviewers genuinely wanted to know why I chose accounting, what interested me about the internship position I was applying for, what I was involved with aside from just classes, what I see my self doing with accounting in my future, and what some of my personal goals were, etc."
  • "I appreciate that the company did not put us through extensive hiring and interviewing processes. Some companies require 5-8 interviews and multiple networking events to be considered. BDO did not make us just through as many hoops."