Don’t marry your job. In this week’s Roundup, get tools to enhance your hireability, learn about the magnetic attraction of Product Manager roles, and find out ways you’re sabotaging your resume. Also, discover unexpected workplaces you can wear jeans at, and embrace radical candor as a leader.

How to Advance In Your Career Without Becoming A Workaholic
You don’t need to be married to your job in order to get ahead. Being 100% committed to your work doesn’t guarantee you a promotion. Instead, work smarter, not longer. Focus on relationships. Raise your hand to take on new challenges but be strategic. Say “yes, but…” as an alternative to “no” when the project isn’t a good fit.

7 Reasons You Should Get a Side Gig
Step outside of your 9 to 5. Get a side gig. You can find personal fulfillment by creating social impact. Tap into your interests. Sharpen your skills. Improve your time management by balancing your new commitments. Side gigs can be a catalyst for a career change or simply to keep life interesting.

13 inexpensive online classes that can help you land a job
Up your game to upgrade your hireability.Pick up some Python from Coursera. Sharpen your social media skills with Perfect your Photoshop portfolio with Adobe. These online resources can make you more marketable to employers. Self-learning helps you create a great storyline for interviews to showcase you’re resourceful and self-driven.

Google culture heads to bank as jeans, scooters and foosball take over
Foosball and scooters and jeans! Oh my! JPMorgan is ditching its pinstriped suits and stodgy offices to win over coders and engineers. The company’s expanded tech campus took pointers from Google and Amazon on how to build a space that spurs innovation. They’re looking to compete with digital payment systems by Apple, Android, and Samsung with the creation of Chase Pay.

2 phrases that might be sabotaging your résumé
Don’t commit resumé suicide. If you’re using the phrases “responsible for…” or “ability to…” you’re being too generic. “Responsible for…” outlines your job duties, not your accomplishments. “Ability to…” shows what you can do, not what you’ve done. Revise these phrases to make your bullet points pop.

Why Am I Not Getting Any Job Offers? A Self-Auditing Checklist
Do the legwork for the employer. Leave out any ambiguity in your LinkedIn summary, cover letter, or resumé. Keep a positive attitude during interviews even if you’re getting rejections. If you’re feeling burned-out, it will come across in your applications and interviews. Take a step back and make a plan.

Thoughts on Gender and Radical Candor
Radical Candor: the perfect balance of providing praise and criticism for effective constructive feedback. Mastering radical candor can make you a better leader and communicator. Bad news: gender politics makes it difficult for men to be radically candid with women. Worse news: gender bias makes it especially difficult for women to be radically candid with both genders. Yikes.

Coveted Job Title for M.B.A.s: Product Manager
“Product Manager” is the hot new job title for MBAs. And why not? It brings together components of marketing, design, and problem solving. It’s also a role with a tangible impact on a company. But an MBA isn’t a golden ticket to a product management job. Many firms are looking for managers with a comprehensive tech background that understand their products inside and out.