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51-100 Employees


Featured Rankings

Vault Consulting 50


Major Departments/Practice Areas

Marketing & IT


Major Office Locations

Reston, VA


Employment Contact

Nathan Walz

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About the Company

Employee Reviews

  • “Company culture is unlike any firm I've worked for, they truly appreciate and call out employee successes. As a new employee, others reach out to you to see how you're feeling and encourage and help you whenever asked. The compensation rate is at par or higher than other companies. CEO is driven to succeed without compromising employee happiness or work/life balance.”
  • “If you are an A-Player and looking for a firm that can help you understand how to develop a winning strategy for clients and execute, and if you are a self-starter who is continuously learning outside of work, THIS is the place for your next move. LeapPoint will give you many opportunities to grow in many different skillsets with critical clients and your colleagues will challenge you daily. The company rewards those who go consistently above and beyond what is asked.”
  • “LeapPoint has an amazing culture with extremely talented people. The company is currently feeling some impact of significant growth and the need for improved internal operations/structure/resources. Leadership is proactive in addressing these issues, but it will take some time to implement improvements. People are our greatest resource and helping team members grow through training, mentoring, and providing opportunities to excel will be key to our long-term success.”
  • “Make sure you are open to learning and getting outside your comfort-zone as you will be given lots of challenging opportunities and a fast pace.  It's a great place to work however and you will be strongly supported along the way.”
  • “The employees and consultants are the biggest stand-out value. We have truly innovative, caring and intelligent consultants that revolutionize the consulting experience for our clients and really deliver valuable outcomes.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “Ability to take experiences and use them with the clients assigned to.  Ability to listen!”
  • “I had a total of four interviews: one informal phone interview with HR and three formal interviews with hiring managers and technical SMEs within the organization. Most communication, besides the interviews themselves, occurred over email. I found that reaching out with follow up questions kept the conversation going and eventually lead to an offer being extended.”
  • “LeapPoint is quick to bring a candidate through the interview stages when a position urgently needs to be filled. We are looking for self-starters as over the next few years our business model will continuously evolve and we need individuals who can craft and build to achieve our strategy goals.”
  • “The focus is on the right people, not following a set schedule or process, they have one and it's good, but accommodating for applicants is actually refreshing.”
  • “We leverage a platform to ensure interview consistency and alignment. Ideal candidate is someone that has terrific follow-up and follow-through and is extremely collaborative and focused on delivering quality to our customers.”

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