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10,001+ Employees


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Best Consulting Firms in EMEA for IT Operations Consulting


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Strategy and Architecture


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Zurich (HQ)


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Krish Shankar - Human Resources Director

Employee Reviews

  • "If you are junior, the firm can get you exposed to a wide range of projects and let you get closer to the 'core' of the projects and programs than the big/prestigious ones. But don't expect great mentoring. If you are very experienced, looking for a wide range of projects to choose from and are not in need of constant recognition of your work then join this firm. You will enjoy it here."
  • "Young and motivated teams. Ability to enable innovation and fulfill customer needs best. Leveled to drive project related tasks."
  • "We have a direct affiliation with Infosys Limited, providing a strong backbone to design world-class solutions at a significant discount to our clients."
  • "Highly innovative in digital transformation and IT with excellent know-how in India at Infosys where more than 80 000 people are working offshore."
  • "Team spirit with strong collaboration and no internal competition amongst colleagues, development opportunities in terms of getting a higher amount of responsibility faster than at other companies, we are truly an international work force, offices worldwide are collaborating and not forming local kingdoms."

Getting Hired Here

  • "The ideal candidate is a dynamic Consultant who is flexible to travel and has a lot of individual responsibility."
  • "Candidates will depend on the role. We are looking for strong individuals with good interpersonal and technical skills who can stand on their own in front of a client."
  • "The interview and callback process is well structured and keeps the candidate well informed."
  • "Interview and callback process is very fast and efficient. The complete hiring process from interest, multiple interviews and signing took three weeks."
  • "Recruiting department is well structured and they are doing a good job. The candidates get a fast feedback and a clear picture about the process."
  • "They have several interviews, starting with telephone interviews and then three interviews in the office at the same day. Callback and responses were very fast."

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