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10,001+ Employees


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Best Consulting Firms for Data Analytics Consulting


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Research and Advisory


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Headquartered in Stamford, CT, with 100+ global offices


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Maria Manias - Senior Director Human Resources

Employee Reviews

  • “A flexible place to grow and thrive in a professional environment with a firm at the bleeding edge of technology.”
  • “Close working relationship with entry-level delivery consultants all the way up to managing partners. For younger hires, there is tremendous opportunity to work with leading industry experts (both in Research and Consulting) and to work with them to develop client solutions. Very unique compared to other, more structurally-tiered consulting firms.”
  • “Gartner has a strong collaborative and supportive culture that is not typically associated with as competitive a career as consulting.”
  • “Gartner is a growth company with ample opportunities for new associates. We have a highly motivated team of intellectually challenging associates who are passionate about clients and creating a diverse culture.”
  • “Gartner is great for people who are not afraid of navigating ambiguity, and figuring out how to be successful. We don't have formal programs for onboarding new people, developing associates, or very clear promotion programs. But people who can jump in and figure it out themselves tend to do very well.”
  • “Working at Gartner you will work with excellent co-workers who innovate and are committed to the clients. The environment is fast-paced, and you will learn a tremendous amount...”

Getting Hired Here

  • “For consultants, we do MBA career fairs and info sessions. We review resumes, do phone interviews, do in-person interviews sometimes on campus, then we select a few candidates to do three to four in-person, 1:1 interviews and a case study. The case study materials are given a week ahead of time and the candidate is asked to give a PPT presentation. We are looking for eager, hardworking, critical thinking, detail-oriented, creative people that can solve any problem that comes their way.”
  • “Gartner hires people with a wide variety of backgrounds, so there isn't an ‘ideal’ candidate. The diversity of our people is a competitive strength. Candidates generally (but not always) have several years of experience in an IT-related area.”
  • “[We seek] candidates who are interested in working at the intersection of business and technology, and understand the financial implications/risks of large investments in IT-enabled digital solution.”
  • “The interview process is long and involves multiple steps. The organization is quite diligent in its hiring practices, so candidates have to want to work here and be patient enough to see the process through. In terms of the ideal candidate: passion for technology, strong client presence, able to work with minimal guidance, able to work collaboratively rather than competitively with peers, either has or is able to develop business development skills, adaptable and willing to take on multiple roles depending on the circumstance.”
  • “Lots of interviews. We like to provide an opportunity for candidates to get to know the firm and the individuals that work in this industry. Expect to have one or two more interviews than you might want to. It is important that everyone is comfortable with the agreement to move forward. We want our candidates to be successful once they make the commitment to join the firm.”
  • “Rigorous interview process, with multiple behavior interviews and a case presentation. The ideal candidate is confident, intelligent, and eager to learn and improve. The ideal candidate works well in a flexible environment where they manage their own work and are not micromanaged by others.”

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