It started with the L.L. Bean Boot, and now the company makes outdoor gear for all purposes. L.L. Bean makes a habit of investing in its community, from its Outdoor Discovery programs (which has a mission of making the outdoors accessible to all) to designing all of its products at its Maine headquarters.

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1,001-5,000 Employees


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Clothing • Footwear


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L.L. Bean began with cold feet. In 1911, Leon Leonwood Bean found his feet chilly and damp after a hunting trip, and decided to take action. He came up with the first iteration of the classic L.L. Bean Boot. He created a boot with leather uppers and rubber bottoms, a design that would change outdoor footwear forever. In 1912, the first L.L. Bean store opened in Freeport, Maine. Ten years later, Admiral Donald MacMillan used L.L. Bean boots on his Arctic expedition. By 1924, the classic Field Coat was introduced, and for the decades to follow the company continued to create simple yet innovative outdoor wear. The company operated as a catalog business for the market outside Maine, but in the year 2000 the first store outside its home state opened in McLean, Virginia. Today, L.L. Bean reaches markets across the globe with clothing, boots, outdoor equi...

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